DJ Ozzy

dj-ozzyD.J Ozzy – Every Saturday night in the Red Room, playing classic cheese & party, with a mix of 80′s, 90′s & modern day chart!

Osbourne ” Ozzy” McDonald

Ozzy is a party LEGEND on the DJ circuit! After serving as a U.S Marine, he jumped into DJ’ing and never looked back!
Playing all sorts of clubs up & down the country and abroad, Ozzy has a totally unique DJ’ing style: not only do you get quality mixing and the very best in cheese and chart classics, but you get an amazing character, an entertainer and a unique party atmosphere, to take you through your rollercoaster of a Saturday night!

He sings ……. He dresses up …….. He plays games ………..
This larger than life character is ……. DJ Ozzy !

Mere words don’t do this great man justice, so grab some friends, put your PARTY head on and meet DJ Ozzy in the Red Room this coming Saturday!

Check that your health insurance covers you for over-exposure to fun! You have been warned!

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